About Chris Pomeroy

I’m just a guy.

I’m just a guy.

There once was a kid from Aspen. He grew up in the mountains in the 70s and the 80s - strange times indeed. Idyllic as it was, the kid always felt a bit of wanderlust and a sense of unfulfilled purpose.

So he moved away from home, friends and family to find his destiny. There were many stops along the way - college, odd jobs, good and great experiences abound…
(maybe a few rough ones too).

Eventually, the kid became a man and learned to earn money using computers and a bit of creativity. He climbed corporate ladders, and fell down a couple of times too.

Somewhere along the way, he met a special lady. They moved very far away, to the South, and had a family. The small-town kid, now all grown-up, was still working for “the Man”, with new mouths to feed.

Through the years, he worked for newspapers, printers, agencies, animation companies, Internet technology companies, and even banks. A crazy, yet beneficial career path, he met lots of great people, had magnificent adventures and worked on many, many projects.

Now, far away from the mountains, and a long, strange voyage later, the small town kid still plugs away for a living, but never gives up on the dream.

And after all that, he still has to remind himself….’All I ever wanted to do was draw…’

Chris Pomeroy lives and works in Athens, GA

You can reach me here…

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