where it all begins…

Classmates and Coworkers

They say ‘Idle Hands are the Devil’s workshop’. But since I am not a pious man, i’d like to think they are just a cure for boredom. As such, when I have time, and a person makes for a good subject, I tend to draw them.

Often times I’m able to capture a decent likeness, but other times my imagination takes over, and my focus shifts to a key feature or other identifier. But in the end, it really isn’t about capturing a likeness on a quick sketch like this. It’s more about capturing the feeling, the emotion or in some cases a caricature of personality. A person can be recognized for many things other than their looks. Example: Someone who incessantly chews their fingernails to a nub.

As John Singer Sergeant famously said, “Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.”
…And as such, this is why I mainly draw strangers. That being said, if you recognize anyone here, (or if you’re a subject), I apologize in advance.